High security Digital Lock Safes

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Million different codes to choose from.

Easier to change codes to the lock.

Displayed keyboard numbers are big, therefore they can be easily distinguished even in low light conditions.

Emergency access can be granted since you only input seven digits, thats it.

Battery change is hassle free and you don´t need to open the safe to do it.

Lock stored combinations remain saved, even if the lock is without batteries.

Our electronic lock offers security, peace of mind and it's easy to use. In lab trials it exceeds the 50,000 open cycles and closes with no failure, which is five times more than the UL Group II rating lock requires for mechanical locks.

When the batteries reach low voltage levels, the lock beeps to alert the user. When the new battery is installed the saved codes remain stored, no need to reprogram the lock.

Cajas Fuertes Cancun

The lock voltage is conditioned by the electronic circuits before being sent to the direct current motor that actions the lock bolt.

After inputting three times a wrong opening code our lock's circuits remain blocked for 15 minutes making the lock impervious to manipulation. Bull Safe ®

With Cajas Fuertes Cancún you can count with the support you need to choose the right lockfor you.


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