Weather and security

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Weather and security

We are used to having wonderful weather in sunny Yucatan peninsula almost all year around. Clear skies, soft breeze and heavenly temperatures. all of these makes it hard sometimes to think about how much detail we put in our home or office safety.

It is important to account for the fact that a safe box or any security safe is just an additional step towards enhancing the safety in our household or office, and no matter if it is a safe, fireproof safe, gun safe, rotary safe, etc. and meanwhile we build each and every one of our products to meet European security standards we must take extra security check ups and measures to properly protect our valuables.

To be discreet will be always our best ally and if we have house staff that we can trust access to the areas in which we hide our safe, it is best practice to hide from plain sight the safe. And in those cases where the house staff or coworkers have access to open the safe we should constantly change the lock security code to ensure that no one filters this information.

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