What to look for when shopping for a new safe?

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Before installing a new safe in your home or office, it is important that you make sure that you have selected the right safe that fits your needs.


Your most important consideration must be regarding the nature of the objects or goods you want to protect inside the safe. It is recommended that the quality of the purchased safe is related to the value of the belongings you with to guard.
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Another key point to consider is the final location of the safe.


Choices can be from a wheeled safe or a wall mounted safe or a floor mounted safe.


Another key aspect is the lock type. Safes nowadays are available with key lock, mechanical or electronic locks. Each can be combined to enhance security of the safe.


Finally but not less important you must always consider your safe to be fireproof in case of a fire (not a torch attack), waterproof and impact proof too.


Summing up, when you make the decision of acquiring a safe, you must keep in mind its final location, ease of use, how affordable it is related to your budget and the security level you need.

In Cajas Fuertes Cancún we can give you the perfect assessment to choose the the safe fit for you.


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